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Dytron has been providing the mold industry with equipment and supplies for over forty years. About fifteen years ago our customers requested we develop a truly portable low amperage welding machine for use on tools, dies and molds. They requested that this equipment operate effectively at very low amperages and yet be portable enough to be carried easily around the shop. We designed and produced the Microtron 1A System to meet these requirements. The system would not only do what our customers requested but in addition had a feature that allowed it to be used around CNC equipment without worrying about blowing out a board.
As this revolutionary system for the repairs of tools, dies & molds became more widely used we looked for a way to more effectively exploit its potential. We developed our "hands free" zoom microscope for welding system. This system allows it's operator to place his or her hands and filler wire in the area desired to weld. Then by simply tapping a foot control the shaded lens slides into place for a precise and safe weld deposit.