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Micro Welding Products is a division of Dytron Corporation. Dytron Corporation has since its inception in 1964 been a leader in manufacturing and supplying state of the art quality products to the welding industry.

During the early nineties we began to get requests for wires, especially tool steel alloys, which were smaller in diameter than our then smallest diameter .035. Customers told us that if they wanted a smallest diameter wire than .035 they simply ground it down to the desired size, usually using a bench grinder. Knowing this is very costly and would cause problems with contamination of the weld deposit we agreed to help. We began to look for ways to process our .035 diameter wires down to .010 and beyond.

We were first concerned because the original copper coating on the tool steel alloy wires would have to be removed in order to prepare the wire for the subsequent processing. We would then employ our super cleaning process. Followed by final storage. Our wires were then ready for shipping in special protective containers. After an arduous process we were finally able to produce very small diameter laser welding wires in a wide variety of alloys and sizes that exceeded the already high quality of our regular sizes TIG welding alloys.

We now had our own line of laser welding wires. Not wanting to rest on our laurels we are constantly adding new alloys and products to our current line in an effort to assist our customers in any way we can, from technical assistance to custom alloy manufacturing. We recognize than for Micro Welding Alloys to be successful our customers must be successful first.